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Comprehensive Employment Compliance, Consulting & Counseling

Doing business in California while maintaining full compliance with its laws can be extremely difficult for even a diligent employer. There are legal landmines everywhere. This is because California’s labor and employment laws are dynamic and ever-evolving, and it can be a struggle for an employer to keep up with them. At Kased Law Group, we know what the current law is and closely monitor what’s ahead to ensure you’re in full compliance. We also provide employment consulting and other workplace solutions to help you avoid disputes and costly lawsuits. Some of the services we offer include:

Comprehensive employment compliance, consulting, and counseling

Outside general counsel services

Responding to administrative charges

Anti-harassment training

Employee handbook and policy drafting

Employment and separation agreement drafting

Workplace investigations

Employee relations

Auditing of employment law policies and practices

Expert witness testimony

LOW HOURLY RATE OR FIXED FEE. Clients get an exceptional value given our breadth of knowledge and unique perspective on these matters. Clients retain us on a flat fee or low hourly rate for these matters.