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Great appreciation
5.0 stars
Posted by Dennis
December 16, 2016
Mr. Kassed worked on a case in which I was not paid employment wages. I believe he thought it may be a waste of time. I too thought maybe it could be. I worked for a restaurant that did not pay me or others whom were trying to turn our lives around. Ya see I was homeless as were others who worked there. I figured yea right, get a lawyer? So I did . Mr. Kassed won my case, and I’m doing so just maybe this restaurant will not do this to others. Hiring the homeless and not calling them back after hours of employment is somewhat a common practice that you don’t hear of. Not many people such as me who was homeless go the extra dollar to ask for help. I’m glad I talked to Mr. Kassed. Without his involvement I would have been just another homeless guy who was taken advantage of . Much respect to him. From all of us who were not paid. I’ve never written a review for anyone. But I did this because he deserves my input. Thanks Nathan.

Nathan Exceeds Expectations
Posted by anonymous
December 8, 2016
I was impressed with Nathan from the first time I spoke with him. After being rejected by other attorneys, Nathan agreed to help me with my case at no financial risk to me. All texts, phone calls, and emails were returned quickly. Nathan communicated with me in a clear, professional, and friendly manner that made the whole process very easy. He is a very knowledgeable attorney who negotiated a settlement that greatly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the services of Nathan Kased.

Best Lawyer Hands Down
Posted by anonymous
December 3, 2016
Nathan from the beginning was very up front and straight forward km how he would handle my case. It went exactly how he said it would and I am extremely happy with his work. Nathan is very professional and worked very hard.

Posted by a
September 22,2016
I am thankful to have been referred to Nathan Kased. He reached out to me right away, while other firms either didn’t return my call or said my case was too modest for them to take. Nathan took the time to understand my situation and patiently hear me. He explained a course of action and followed through to a quick resolution that made me very happy! Standing up to a big company is scary and intimidating, but I had a superhero in my corner!

Employment Law Pro
Posted by Jose
September 5, 2016
From the first conversation till the case was resolved out of court ;-), Nathan answered all my questions, returned every call and was on top of every issue we brought to his table. When I first emailed him through avvo he got back to me that night, the next day I went in for a free consultation and like two days later he had the retainers. The whole case took a fraction of the time I expected but that’s probably different case to case. Nathan did a great job and I will be referring him to anyone that needs this type of lawyer. Also Nathan keeps the vibe casual which makes you feel not so intimidated like some law offices make you feel which I very much appreciated!

Awesome lawyer!
Posted by Kendyll
April 8, 2016
Nathan and his wife, Allison Kased, were the best and easiest to work with. Always on top of the situation at hand, prompt response, and understanding of all my needs.

Excellent attorney
Posted by Kristen K
April 7, 2016
Nathan is an excellent attorney. He took my case and handled it very well. He is very well educated and is on top of all his clients needs. Have a question for him about your case he gets back in less then 24hrs. He’s great with including you in every step of your case. He makes sure your seen and taken care of only by the best! Mr. Kased was able to get me a very great settlement and I couldn’t be happier with his work. Very highly recommend for all family and friends.

Gets the job done
Posted by Carlos
January 3, 2016
Great to have on your team

Great attorney
Posted by Jesus
December 21, 2015
Nathan took my case after I presented it to him. He was very down to earth and walked me through the whole process. Kept me updated constantly as well. Would definitely recommend.

The best!
Posted by Bianca
September 24, 2015
Nathan took my case over from an attorney who steered me in the wrong direction for years. He was able to turn the case around 100% and ultimately get the best possible recovery based on the injury I sustained. He’s extremely punctual (always emails/calls back same day) and thorough in his practice. On top of that, he is a great person to work with and is always positive and generous with his time. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

Employment Attorney
Posted by Julia
July 9, 2015
Nathan, was very honest and upfront and didn’t steer me the wrong way. He was very honest and straightforward about my case. I relied on his experience and advice and I got the outcome that I wanted.
I will and have referred Nathan to my friends & family.

Posted by Reyna
July 6, 2015
I am very happy I had found a lawyer like Nathan. He was a very professional person, and I have to say I do not regret that he took care of my case because he did an amazing work. Nathan is a kind of per one can definitely trust.

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